01. AEROSMITH- back in the saddle
02. KANSAS- carry on my wayward son
03. BOB DYLAN- knocking on heavens door
04. LED ZEPPELIN- ramble on
05. METALLICA- enter sandman

podalecki asked; sam + bruised & battered


Jensen & Danneel Ackles at C’est Bon Restaurant in Louisiana - 8th November 2013


Jared from the breakfast panel. 



so i took a fall job in the Colorado mountains, working at a loverly stable. i see moose all the time which is both cool and uncool. cool, because its a freakin’ moose. uncool, because it scares the horses.

let’s get down to the point shall we?

each time i see i’m inclined to shout: GOD DANGIT JARED PADALECKI, GO AWAY YOUR’E SCARIN THE HORSES!!!!!!

there’s something about a boy with a fast car.